Edmund J. Boutin

Edmund J Boutin, AttorneyNew Hampshire native Edmund J. Boutin has represented towns and businesses located throughout New Hampshire for over 30 years. Mr. Boutin’s extensive litigation experience includes trials, arbitrations, and appeals in the areas of municipal law, land use, environmental law, insurance coverage, professional responsibility, public utilities law, and commercial litigation.

Prior to establishing Fryer, Boutin and Warhall, a predecessor law firm to Boutin & Altieri, Mr. Boutin served as Associate General Counsel for Sanders Associates, Inc., a large government defense contractor, and as Legislative Counsel to U.S. Senator Thomas McIntyre. He was also a White House intern for two years during the Kennedy Administration

A noted authority on land use litigation, Mr. Boutin lectures extensively on land use law. Having served for nearly a decade as a member of the New Hampshire Supreme Court Professional Conduct Committee, and as Vice Chair from 1992-1993, Mr. Boutin has also lectured and published extensively on ethical issues. Mr. Boutin has been a court approved mediator for over twenty years. Additionally, Attorney Boutin conducts private mediations and arbitrations in commercial litigation and property valuation cases.

State Bar of New Hampshire

United States District Court, District of New Hampshire

United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit

United States Bankruptcy Court: District of New Hampshire and District of Massachusetts

Juris Doctor, Georgetown University Law School, 1971

Bachelor of Arts, St. Michael’s College (History), cum laude, 1968
Appellate Cases of Note:

Rancourt v. Town of Barnstead, 129 N.H. 45, 523 A.2d 55 (N.H., Dec. 31, 1986) (NO. 85-232)

PMC Realty Trust v. Town of Derry, 125 N.H. 126, 480 A.2d 51 (N.H., Jul. 02, 1984) (NO. 83-172)

Town of Derry v. Adams, 121 N.H. 473, 431 A. 2d 766 (N.H., Jun. 10, 1981) (NO. 80-471)

Ettlingen Homes, Inc. v. Town of Derry, 141 N.H. 296, 681, A.2d 97 (N.H., Aug. 12, 1996) (NO. 95-115)

First Londonderry Development Corp. v. CNA Ins. Companies, 140 N.H. 592, 660 A.2d 232 (N.H., Dec. 29, 1995) (NO. 94-389)

Southern New Hampshire Water Co., Inc. v. Town of Hudson, 139 N.H. 139, 649 A.2d 847 (N.H., Nov. 07, 1994) (NO. 93-734)

Matter of Unnamed Attorney, 138 N.H. 729, 645 A.2d 69 (N.H., Jul. 27, 1994)

Case of Kalled, 135 N.H. 557, 607 A.2d 613 (N.H., May 14, 1992) (NO. LD-91-005, LD-90-020)

Bogardus v. Zinkevicz, 134 N.H. 527, 596, A.2d 722 (N.H., Jul. 31, 1991) (NO. 89-455)

Finlay Commercial Real Estate, Inc. v. Paino, 133 N.H. 4, 573 A.2d 125 (N.H., Apr. 11, 1990) (NO. 88-450)

Simonsen v. Town of Derry, 765 A. 2d 1033 (2000)

Wolfeboro Neck Property Owners Association v. Town of Wolfeboro, 146 N.H. 449 (2001) (NO. 98-624)

Handley v. Town of Hooksett, 147 N.H. 184, 785 A.2d 399, (Nov. 14, 2001) (NO. 2000-020)

Citizens of East Derry Fire Precinct v. Town of Derry, 148 N.H. 510 (2002) (NO. 2001-383)

North Country Environmental Services v. Town of Bethlehem, 150 N.H. 606 (2004) (NO. 2003-337)

Town of Merrimack v. McCray, 150 N.H. 811 (2004) (NO. 2003-484)

Property Portfolio Group, LLC v. Town of Derry et al., 154 N.H. 610, 913 A.2d 750 (December 21, 2006) (NO. 2005-867)

In Re Town of Bethlehem, 154 N.H. 314, 911, A2d 1, (Nov. 2, 2006)

EnergyNorth Natural Gas, Inc. v. Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s, 156 N.H. 333, 934 A.2d 517, 2007 WL 3033932, N.H. October 18, 2007 (No. 2006-745)

In Re Pennichuck Water Works, Inc., 160 N.H. 18 (2010)

Property Portfolio Group, LLC v. Town of Derry, 163 N.H. 754 (2012)

Northwest Bypass Group v. United States Army Corps of Eng’rs, 569 F.3d 4 (1st Cir 2009)

Recent Commercial Cases – Unreported Decisions:

EnergyNorth Natural Gas., Inc. v. Century Indem. Co., Not Reported in F.Supp.2d, 2005 WL 1868711, D.N.H., August 03, 2005 (No. 99-CV- 049-JD, 2005 DNH 113)

EnergyNorth Natural Gas, Inc. v. Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s, London, Not Reported in F.Supp.2d, 2006 WL 3762069, D.N.H., September 28, 2006 (No. 00-cv-430- PB)

Dillon v. Select Portfolio Services, not reported in F. Supp 2d, 2008 – WL227229, 2008 DNH 19, Jan. 28, 2008 (No. 07-CU705- SM)

Representative Past & Present Clients

Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

General Counsel to the Town of Derry (1992 – present)

General Counsel to the Town of Bethlehem (1998 – present)

General Counsel to the Town of Gorham (1994 – present)

General Counsel to the Londonderry Housing & Redevelopment Authority (1998 – present)

Associate Corporate Counsel, Sanders Associates, Inc. (NYSE) (1973 – 1976)(nationwide real property transactions, defense litigation and employment litigation)

Legislative Counsel to Senator McIntyre (1971 – 1973)

Resolute Management, Inc., Ace USA Specialty Claims

General Reinsurance Corporation (coverage)

American Re-Insurance Company (coverage)

Cigna Insurance Companies (environmental coverage)

Hanover Insurance Company

The America Group

The AIG Group (environmental coverage)

New Hampshire Supreme Court, Professional Conduct Committee (proceedings before the N.H. Supreme Court)

Various lawyers and law firms in New Hampshire (professional liability and lawyer discipline defense)

Consumers Water Company of New Hampshire, a.k.a. Southern New Hampshire Water Co., Inc., a Division of Consumers Water Company

Northern Massachusetts Telephone Workers Credit Union

Concrete Systems, Inc.

AES Corporation (NYSE) (electricity generation)

Many prominent land developers, contractors and commercial real estate owners/operators
American Bar Association, Member

Defense Research Institute, Member

Tri-State Defense Lawyer’s Association (Me. N.H. and Vt.)

New Hampshire Bar Foundation, Fellow

New Hampshire Bar Association

NH Supreme Court Hearings Committee of the Attorney Discipline System
New Hampshire Bar Journal, “Talking For Both Sides: Conflict Rules”, Vol. 36, No. 2, 6/95

New Hampshire Bar Journal, “The Rules of Professional Conduct: A Perspective For The Smaller Firm”, Vol. 33, No. 2, 6/92

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